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Here at the Dog Spa, your dog is our number 1 priority. Time and research has taught us exactly what your dog likes and needs. From the moment your dog arrives to the moment they leave, they will receive our absolute and undivided attention. They will be pampered beyond expectation and every treatment they receive will be of the highest quality.

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Whether your dog wants, grooming, bathing, or just a day of pure indulgence they will receive one on one attention from one of our qualified dog lovers as we believe this is what your dog deserves. We welcome all breeds, all sizes, nervous and temperamental dogs.

You know what your dog needs best so we have comprised a list of treatments that you can pick and choose from that will be most suitable to your dog’s needs, why not mix and match a grooming session with a luxury bath or paw pedicure, we are here to tend to your dog’s needs so we will let you choose.

Click on our list of services to choose what’s best for your dog and let us know when your dog can take time out of their hectic schedule to pop in for a pamper!!!

As we all know dogs are absolutely 100% dependant on their owners and carers so here at the Dog Spa your dog’s safety is an essential part of the treatments they receive. A dog will never be left unattended on a grooming table, we believe in hand drying our dogs as cage dryers can be hazardous and if we believe that any dog is suffering or under stress we will cease treatment immediately and contact you straight away, it is important when working with dogs that they trust us so it is even more important to them that you also trust you are leaving them in safe hands.

If you are unsure of what your dog needs we are here to advise and are more than happy to have a consultation prior to your dog’s time at the Spa so you can discuss your dog’s needs and ask us any questions or queries you may have so feel free to give us a call all enquiries are welcome, we look forward to speaking to you.

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