Our luxury hydro bath, gently massages the dogs skin, stimulating, cleansing and moisturizing whilst removing dead hair helping to improve circulation and coat condition. This treatment also helps to loosen tense muscles and relieves sore joints.
All our dogs at the Dog Spa are carefully hand dried and supervised throughout the whole procedure, we do not believe in cage drying as this can be very stressful and we feel that the time spent drying your dog builds trust between your dog and their groomer.
Brushing is an essential part of the grooming process, brushing your dog, stimulates the skin and removes any dead coat whilst improving the coat texture and preparing your dog’s coat for clipping or scissor finishing.
De Matting:
De Matting is not always necessarily but if required can be done by hand using a process of grooming tools but some coats if badly matted may need shaving, this will all be discussed with your dog’s groomer prior to the start of the grooming process.
Clipping & Scissor finishing:
We will endeavour to clip or scissor finish coats to the most practical and aesthetically pleasing style for you and your dog based on our own knowledge, however if you have a particular style in mind or have special requirements our groomer is on hand to discuss this with you prior to your dog’s groom.
Eyes & Ears Cleaned:
We will gently clean the ears and eyes of your dog using specialized high quality products suitable for your dog.
Nails Trimmed:
Every visit we will check your dog’s claws back and front to assess whether or not they need clipping and filing this is part of a full groom and will not be an additional charge.
Puppy Groom:
We advise that as soon as they have had all their puppy injections that you book them in for an introduction groom this could be as early as 10 weeks old. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your puppy to have grooming experiences from a young age whether they make a general visit, have a quick brush the process of your puppy meeting their groomer and having a pleasant and trusting experience makes any future trips to the groomer enjoyable and fun for your little bundle of fluff!!!
Toy breeds

Small Breeds

From £30.00

From £35.00

Medium Breeds From £38.00
Large and Giant Breeds From £55.00
Puppy Groom From £18 – full adult price

A grooming session will comprise of all of the above, each price will depend on the breed, style and size of your dog. De matting may be required, dependant on condition and will be an additional £10.00 on top of your service.

PLEASE NOTE de matting is not always possible so we will advise you on the necessary options which will be best for your dog.

To book an appointment call the spa on: 0161-4396646