Luxury Bath From £25.00
A gentle hydro massage in the hydrobath accompanied by a therapeutic hand Massage, followed by facial and paw pedicure finished with a full brush out and fluff dry.
 Paw Pedicure  £6.00
Nails clipped and buffed, paw hair trimmed, followed by a warm soak and finished with a gentle pad massage with paw wax to soften cracked pads and sooth aching paws.
 Nose to Tail Massage
A full body massage to relax and relieve your dog of any physical stress, this is a great treatment for hyperactive dogs, whilst acting as a relaxant can also be a very beneficial treatment for old or suffering dogs or just a little extra pampering for your little friend we can adjust the massage to benefit each dog dependant on their circumstances and nature.
15mins – £5.00 / 30mins – £10.00 etc… (Time will depend on the dogs comfort and energy)
Furminator – Shedding Treatment From £10.00
A great treatment for hairy hounds that shed all over the house, this treatment can reduce shedding whilst cleansing your dog without stripping the coat of natural oils speak to a groomer to find out how this treatment could benefit your dog. To get the full benefit from this treatment we do advice that your dog has a bath as well.
Additional Treatments
Eye Cleanse – Gentle removal of eye mucus and tear stains £2.00
Ear Cleanse – Ears gently cleansed and cleared £4.00
Oral Care – Teeth brushed and excess plaque removed £5.00
Nail Clipping £5.00
Anal Glands Cleansed £5.00
Toy breeds

Small Breeds

From £30.00

From £35.00

Medium Breeds From £38.00
Large and Giant Breeds From £55.00
Puppy Groom From £18 – full adult price

As we all know trying to keep your dog clean and matt free between grooms is hard.                          SO….  We can also just give your dog a bath, dry and brush to keep them in tip top condition in between grooms. Especially if you like to keep your dog’s hair long. Please feel free to call us for a price on 0161 439 6646