Regular questions asked. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161-4396646 if your questions have not been answered.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. We work on a one to one basis and each groom in solely allocated to the dog we have in at that time.

Please note we require at least 4 weeks notice for appointment and around Christmas we normally get booked up 2/3 months in advance.


Can I stay with my dog while being groomed?

Unfortunately we are not insured for the public to be inside the grooming area. We understand that some dogs can get very nervous when leaving their owners and we try to make the grooming process as stress free as possible. If we feel a dog is not happy we would stop the groom, contact the owner and possible advice for them to bring their dog in once a week to try and get them use to being with us. We would never force a dog to do something they were not comfortable with.


Can I bring my dog earlier than their appointment time and pick up later?

Unfortunately we cannot offer a dog sitting service. We are a small salon and we work on a one to one basis. We cannot ensure the safety of your dog’s once they have finished their grooms. Another reason is your dog know when they are finished and are eager to go home. This can lead to the disruption to us and the other dogs being groomed.

We will charge for early drop offs and late pick ups.


When should I start having my puppy groomed?

We advise that as soon as they have had all their puppy injections that you book them in for an introduction groom this could be as early as 10 weeks old. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your puppy to have grooming experiences from a young age whether they make a general visit, have a quick brush the process of your puppy meeting their groomer and having a pleasant and trusting experience can make any future trips to the groomer enjoyable.


How long does a groom take?

This depends on what your dog is having done. Normally we say roughly 1.5 hours but large dogs may take longer. Puppy grooms depending on age and breed 1 hour.


How often should my dog be groomed?

Again this depends on the breed of dog, the growth rate of their coat and the style they have. Most dogs can be every 6-8 weeks but we can advise you on this.


Can the weather affect my dog’s coat?

Absolutely, you may find that your dog’s coat grows faster in the summer than the winter. But also you may notice your dog’s coat goes thicker in the winter to keep them warm.


Can I just have my dog bathed?

Yes, we offer a bath, dry and brush service. Sometime this might be to freshen up your dog , other time this is because you like your dog’s coat longer so by having a mid-bath and brush this will help keep the knots down.

Please note we still require at least 4 week’s notice.



We cannot take dogs with fleas. If you notice your dog has fleas please contact your vets and treat them before bring them to be groomed.

Please note that if we find any dogs with fleas, we will automatically bath them with an insecticide shampoo . We need to do this to prevent any of the other dogs catching them. We will charge an extra £5-£10 on top of your groom. This is for the cost of the insecticide shampoo and the products we need to use to clean the salon. We will also contact you letting you know and giving you advice.

We would advise that you treat your dog’s monthly with a strong flea product from the vets. This will hopefully prevent your dogs from catching fleas.

Please do not feel embarrassed if your dog does catch fleas, it is nature and cannot always be helped.


My dog is knotty/ matted.

Sometimes a dogs coat can get too knotty and eventually turn into mats. 9 times out of 10 the kindest thing for your dog would be to have all the knots/mats clipped off. Matting can be painful and uncomfortable for your dog. It can also restrict your dog’s movements and cause skin issues. We would need to see your dog to advice on the best possible way of dealing with the coat. Please remember if we need to clip your dog’s coat off it’s because we have no other choice as it would hurt too much to de mat them.


How to prevent my dog from getting knots/matts?

There are a few things you can do to prevent knot/matts.

  • Keep your dog’s coat short
  • Have your dog bathed and brushed between grooms
  • Buy a brush and a comb and groom your dog 3/4 times a week

The best way to brush your dog. For most breeds it is recommended to start at the bottom of the feet and pushing the coat up with one hand begin using the slicker to brush the coat below with your other hand, the slicker should be used to pull down a small bit of hair at a time, brushing all the way to the skin. Work your way up using this method. Once you have gone over the entire coat you can then use the comb to run thought the coat and find any tangles and knots you have missed. Make sure that you can part the coat to the skin with the comb. Many people spend plenty of time brushing their dog only to find that they have merely been brushing over the top and the coat they though was well brushed is in fact solidly matted near the skin. Feel free to ask us to show you the correct way to brush your dog.


Remember we are here to help so please feel free to call us 0161-4396646